Sunday, February 13, 2011

a "new year's" resolution...

so. here i am. still alive for all three of those followers that i have. (hi onita, michael, and paul) :) i've decided (after spending the last hour or so finally updating my layout) that i'm going to give this another try. i told one friend that i felt like our lives were just too boring to do this. but they're not, and i know that. obviously it's not too boring since i don't get a chance to update this thing very often!

so i've decided to copy my dad's idea. he's been blogging for a number of years now, and his theme is 'finding something to be thankful for every day.' he's ideas/thoughts are a bit more in-depth and philosophical (after all, he's a ph.d.) but i like the idea. i'm going to pick out super simple things to be thankful for--something i need for myself so that i don't only look at what's NOT happening/going on. so my "new year's resolution" (okay, i'm 44 days behind for that one) is to be thankful--at least once a week--for something. so stay tuned.... :)

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